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2100 Parklake Drive Suite C-1 Atlanta, GA 30345

Promotions valid until 3/1/19.  One hour okay to use with Birthday Coupon.  To make an appointment you may visit the online booking page-available 24/7 or call 678-250-5698. Not valid with any other offers and promotions otherwise and non-transferable. 
Hydro-Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facials!
NEW!!! Hydro-Dermabrasion treatments can be used on all skin types, even sensitive or reactive skin! This machine can be used with or without a diamond tipped wand that provides exfoliation while delivering a skin specific solution at the same time with a vortex like nozzle. Distilled water or saline will be used in conjunction with a solution that will be chosen for your skin type and condition. After this treatment, any pinkness within the skin will subside after a few hours. Your skin will feel smooth, be well hydrated, and deeply cleansed.  As always home care is recommended to extend the results of your facials.
Hydro-Dermabrasion is known for helping with the following:

Mild/Moderate acne
Congested skin
Uneven skin tone
Environmentally stressed skin
Excessive oil production
Dehydrated skin (lacking moisture)
Fine lines and wrinkles

With enzyme included if needed, mask and finishing products.
30 minutes

One hour Hydro-Dermabrasion 
With enzyme included if needed, face, decollete, and hand massage, mask and finishing products.

NEW!!! Oxygen facials are great for special occasions and appearances. It is also a suitable treatment to have post chemical peels. This facial is designed to deliver water soluble vitamins and essences to the epidermis via 90-95% pressurized and pure oxygen. The outcome is smooth, hydrated, plump and firm looking skin with an "airbrushed" look.  Results can last 5-7 days. 
Mini-Oxygen Facial
With enzyme included if needed, mask and finishing products.
30 minutes

One hour Oxygen Facial
With enzyme included if needed, extractions, massage, mask, and finishing products.

Hydro-Dermabrasion and Oxygen Facials can be layered with other advanced facials (such as L.E.D.) for $20.

Please take $15 off the One Hour Oxygen and Hydro-dermabrasion until 3/1/19!!